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Chambers and Partners 2022, on Transport:
Cox Ten Bruggencate enters the top band of the rankings this year on the back of some high-profile work, including high-value general average claims. The law firm is particularly active for clients from the shipping, logistics and warehousing industries, and has a strong focus on the overlap between transportation matters and insurance law. The team advises on contractual issues, including the termination of agreements, as well as damages claims. One client reports: "Cox Ten Bruggencate is a very pleasant firm to work with," and particularly highlights that the lawyers are "prepared to think with me about queries I have." Another client praises the team's

No-nonsense, pragmatic and personal approach.

Carlijn Ten Bruggencate advises clients on general average claims. She also has experience in contractual matters and insurance liability cases involving the transport sector.
Joeri Cox has a strong focus on advising insurance underwriters on liability for damages claims, particularly within the logistics sector. He also assists warehouses and clients from the logistics sector with contractual matters. A client reports that he "is very experienced, can explain things very well and is dedicated."

Chambers and Partners 2022, on Insurance:
Cox Ten Bruggencate Advocaten is an established insurance group, with a particular niche in handling construction damage claims. The team regularly represents insurance companies and underwriters in product liability and professional liability claims, and also advises on D&O liability.

Jacco van de Meent advises insurers on liability and coverage matters, often on contentious construction damages mandates. One interviewee highlights his client service, emphasising his ability to

Translate complex matters into practical things.

Jan ter Meer is a highly experienced practitioner who benefits from a strong track record handling product liability coverage disputes. One market commentator describes him as being "the hidden jewel in the Dutch insurance landscape."

The Legal 500, EMEA 2021, on Transport:
Cox Ten Bruggencate Advocaten handles freight and cargo transportation, logistics, shipping, and insurance matters, with capabilities across contractual negotiations and litigation. Of particular note is the firm's strength in high-value insurance and other financial claims, where it acts for individuals and companies. The team is led by Joeri Cox, who is vastly experienced in damage claims and logistics issues, alongside Carlijn ten Bruggencate, a specialist in transport and insurance law.

The Legal 500, EMEA 2021, on Insurance:
Cox Ten Bruggencate Advocaten handles high-value disputes both domestically and globally. It has considerable experience of court proceedings, arbitration, mediation and other forms of ADR. Policy disputes are a key area of focus, where the firm handles claims relating to D&O, professional indemnity, property, goods-in-transit, heavy machinery and fine arts insurance contracts. Jacco van de Meent is a board member of the Dutch Association for Insurance Science; he jointly heads the team with Carlijn ten Bruggencate and Joeri Cox.

Chambers and Partners 2021, on Transport:
Specialised marine insurance practice, regularly assisting insurers, underwriters, cargo carriers and cargo owners. Adept at handling logistics matters relating to warehousing and terminal operations, such as negotiating contracts and T&C. Additionally advises on freight forwarding, as well as liability disputes.
Carlijn Ten Bruggencate is noted for her

Excellent transportation, trade and logistics practice.

She advises underwriters and logistics providers on contamination claims, liability disputes and contractual matters.
Joeri Cox has a broad transportation practice acting for cargo carriers and insurance underwriters. He has significant expertise in handling damages and liability claims and assisting logistics sector clients with contracts.

Chambers and Partners 2021, on Insurance:
Established insurance group. One impressed client comments:

The team is very pragmatic.

The lawyers have good legal insights but they are also solution-oriented."
Jacco van de Meent advises insurers on liability and coverage matters. He often acts for property insurers. One highly satisfied client says: "He is a strong communicator and deal maker, and overall a very experienced lawyer for both liability and insurance matters. He is well equipped to handle large, complicated, multiparty claims, because he has oversight and the right feel, as well as the experience to make good results."
Jan ter Meer holds a strong track record handling D&O liability claims and construction damages coverage disputes.

Chambers and Partners 2020, on Transport:
Specialised marine insurance practice, regularly assisting insurers, underwriters and cargo owners. Adept at handling logistics matters relating to warehousing and terminal operations. Additionally advises on freight forwarding, as well as liability disputes.
One client appreciates the firm's "no-nonsense, personal approach," noting that

They deliver quality work.

Another source praises the team's "bright and very hands-on lawyers" adding: "We are always able to discuss possible solutions with them."
Carlijn ten Bruggencate receives recognition for her practice representing insurers and underwriters in cases relating to cargo damages. She also assists logistics companies with contractual advisory matters and subcontractor disputes.
Respected litigator Joeri Cox often represents cargo owners and warehouse operators in liability disputes. He also acts for underwriters on their role assessing liability for damaged or lost cargo, in addition to advising on recovery actions.

Chambers and Partners 2020, on Insurance:
Established insurance group particularly known for its handling of marine and property damage claims. Routinely represents insurance companies and brokers, as well as insured parties, in cargo liability, product liability and professional liability claims, as well as handling policy wording mandates. Also advises on D&O, representing clients in litigation, arbitration and mediation.
One interviewee describes the group as a "good name in the Dutch market and a respected party," adding:

They do problem solving with a personal touch.

Another adds: "Cox is a well-performing, lean and mean law firm, with straightforward communication."

Jacco van de Meent is acknowledged for litigation over liability, particularly in the areas of property and transport, as well as advice on insurance fraud. One client describes him as "a practical and all-round smart and hands-on lawyer who I very much like for his ability to solve disputes," further noting: "He has the strength to oversee a complicated playing field with different parties and interests in a conflict situation. He can create the right atmosphere to not let things escalate."
Jan ter Meer is recognised for his extensive experience handling disputes over liability, including D&O, product liability, general and technical damage. One source observes: "He brings wisdom to cases."

The Legal 500, EMEA 2020, on Transport:
Boutique firm Cox Ten Bruggencate Advocaten's expertise in areas including carriage of goods, freight forwarding, logistics and maritime law makes it

A reliable and popular choice

for transport, logistics and insurance companies both domestically and internationally.

The Legal 500, EMEA 2020, on Insurance:
The team at Cox Ten Bruggencate Advocaten brings its "personal approach" to a variety of matters. The firm counts notable names including Allianz, Aon and AIG among its longstanding clients. The practice handles all manner of claims, including those regarding construction liability, product liability, general, professional and employer's liability. The three joint heads of the practice, Jacco van de Meent, Carlijn ten Bruggencate and Joeri Cox, are "able to see the different angles of a case" and "create a collaboration". They "negotiate in a co-operative way."

Chambers and Partners 2019, on Transport:
Specialised marine insurance practice. Clients say: "The lawyers are easily approachable and if you have an urgent matter, they look into it fast and come back to you as soon as possible."

They are real sparring partners,

according to another client, who also reports that "the personal touch is appealing and they are good at communicating."

Carlijn Ten Bruggencate is noted for her experience in transport and liability law. She represents insurers and underwriters in product defect liability cases and recourse claims. She is described as "co-operative" and "very pleasant and fast."
Joeri Cox regularly acts for clients on dry shipping matters. Valued by an interviewee as an "absolute expert in the field,"  Cox advises insurance companies and underwriters on policy wording and recovery actions.

Chambers and Partners 2019, on Insurance:
Established insurance group particularly known for its handling of marine and property damage claims. A client reports: "They are easily approachable and are of course experts in the area. If you have matters, they can look into them quickly and come back to you soon." Other sources appreciate the team's

Quick response and great knowledge,

adding that "they are easy to talk to."

Jacco van de Meent offers significant expertise in property damage and insurance fraud matters. He attracts respect from market commentators, who say: "He is knowledgeable, practical, likeable" and possesses "a good view on what matters."
Jan ter Meer has an excellent reputation among market sources, with particular knowledge of financial lines. Capable of handling D&O and professional indemnity matters, he is described by interviewees as "sharp, thorough and very experienced."

The Legal 500, EMEA 2019:
Cox Ten Bruggencate Advocaten is

A key name for carriage of cargo insurance, and a popular choice for logistics companies.

Chambers and Partners 2018, on Transport:
Clients admire the team's attentive service, with one saying: "They respond very quickly and are

Proactive and hands-on.

Further sources concur, "a small but knowledgeable firm." Specialises in marine, international trade and onshore transportation matters, particularly those which are insurance-related. Especially instructed on cross-border matters, including expertise on international trade.

Chambers and Partners 2018, on Insurance:
Clients emphasise the team's timely and attentive approach as key attributes. Known for maritime, construction and transport insurance, as well as insurance for financial institutions and products. Routinely represents parties in property insurance, cargo liability, general and professional liability claims. Also handling policy wording mandates. Increasingly handles D&O and financial products liability cases, representing clients in litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Jacco van de Meent has a burgeoning reputation among market commentators. Jan ter Meer is lauded by interviewees as "one of the best insurance lawyers in the country," whilst additional sources say that he is "a pleasure to work with."

The Legal 500, EMEA 2018:

Top-notch team. Handles a wide variety of contentious and non-contentious insurance matters. Carlijn ten Bruggencate and Joeri Cox are

Knowledgeable, down-to-earth, open-minded and solution-focused.
Joeri Cox, Carlijn ten Bruggencate and Jan ter Meer are listed by peers in the Transportation, Trade and Insurance sections.

Chambers and Partners 2017, on Transport:
Clients praise the team's proactivity: "If things are not clear, immediate action is taken to clarify them. They do not rest until they are satisfied." Another client highlights its

In-depth knowledge of transportation law, both domestic and cross-border.

Clients say about Joeri Cox: "He listens to clients and tries to look at matters from their perspective", and highlight his "sharp thinking" and "clear communication." Interviewees describe Carlijn Ten Bruggencate as a "representative of the new generation of transport lawyers."

Chambers and Partners 2017, on Insurance:

"Specialised, approachable and proactive." Represented major international insurers in a D&O liability dispute regarding former AEX-listed companies. Interviewees highlight Jacco van de Meent as a rising star in the market. They say of Jan ter Meer: "Jan is an expert in Dutch insurance law issues and commands respect in both the Dutch and London insurance markets."

The Legal 500, EMEA 2017:

Top-level team.

Chambers and Partners 2016, on Transport:
"A niche shipping and insurance law firm that is co-operative and easy to reach. I am confident the lawyers are doing a good job." Clients say Joeri Cox "has a no-nonsense, practical approach and focuses on results. He's flexible and willing to think about solutions and change if necessary." Carlijn ten Bruggencate's disputes of late have related to cargo claims and marine accidents. Clients appreciate the fact that she is "very open and transparent in giving advice."

Chambers and Partners 2016, on Insurance:
Advises on property insurance and professional liability claims, maritime and transport insurance and liability in the construction sector.

The firm gives us quick, high-quality advice.

Clients praise the well-known Jan ter Meer for his "clear advice."
Joeri Cox is described as "very co-operative and always looking for a solution." According to clients, Carlijn ten Bruggencate is "very open and transparent in her advice."

The Legal 500, EMEA 2016:
Praised for its short response times,

Thorough analysis, to-the-point advice and value for money.

Chambers and Partners 2015, on Transport:
"Fast and flexible. The lawyers know how to put themselves in the place of the customer."

The team offers top-level assistance.

Interviewees say of Joeri Cox: "He is very calm and pragmatic. He chooses his words carefully but on the other hand will not hold back when there is a difference of opinion." Clients say about Carlijn Ten Bruggencate: "She is easy to approach and very fast when working on an urgent situation."

Chambers and Partners 2015, on Insurance:
Compact team with a diverse insurance practice that encompasses employer's liability, product liability and professional liability. A strong choice for matters involving the art, construction and transportation sectors. "A very co-operative team." Carlijn Ten Bruggencate attracts praise for her "practical approach and great communication skills."

The Legal 500, EMEA 2015:
Cox Ten Bruggencate is appreciated for its

Sensible approach and good communication.

Chambers and Partners 2014, on Transport:

Strong choice for a range of issues.

The team has good expertise and is very accessible and flexible. The lawyers are extremely responsive. The team is well versed in the field and will really commit to a case. Sources describe Joeri Cox as "a real expert who is flexible and responsive." Clients value Carlijn Ten Bruggencate for her pragmatism, integrity and sincerity.

Chambers and Partners 2014, on Insurance:
"We like to use Cox Ten for cases that are broader than just the legal aspects. The lawyers are pragmatic and creative and produce results with which we are highly satisfied." Clients appreciate that Carlijn Ten Bruggencate "thinks outside the legal framework." They value Joeri Cox for his strong technical skills and solutions-oriented mindset. Jan ter Meer is well known for his work on complex coverage disputes with an international dimension.

The Legal 500, EMEA 2014:
Their trade and transport practice has a

Practical and problem-solving approach.

Jan ter Meer handles general liability disputes work and recently advised insurers on a damages claim appeal brought by ABN AMRO relating to the Madoff investment fraud.

Chambers and Partners 2013, on Insurance:
This boutique is highly commended. Sources say: "The firm can move quickly due to its size, and the lawyers are pleasant to work with." Carlijn Ten Bruggencate is recommended for her skills in product liability, contracts and marine cargo transport. One client comments: "She easily understands what I'm looking for and can work very quickly." Joeri Cox specialises in transport and logistics liability and insurance law. One client praises him for his "quick reaction times and problem-solving attitude."

Chambers and Partners 2013, on Transport:
This niche firm retains its solid standing in the shipping market. The "excellent" Carlijn Ten Bruggencate has a wide-ranging transportation practice and is noted by interviewees for her shipping advice.

Chambers and Partners 2012, on Transport:
The compact size of this boutique belies the strength of its transportation practice, as well as the calibre of domestic and international clients it attracts. Sources say:

Fast, flexible and accessible.

Joeri Cox impresses clients with his diplomacy and negotiation skills. Clients note Carlijn ten Bruggencate's ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, and think of a solution on her feet. "She has a good overview of all possible outcomes," says one source.

Chambers and Partners 2012, on Insurance:
Sources say: "They are

Swift, proactive and focus on the interests of the client.

Joeri Cox wins praise from clients for his "impressive negotiation skills" and ability to "step in and calm things down" when tempers flare. Carlijn Ten Bruggencate is "smart in interpreting laws in her client's best interest."