Carlijn ten Bruggencate specialises in trade law (international sale of goods, commodity trade and other supply contracts), transport law (all transport modalities and adjoining logistics such as warehousing, transhipment, stevedoring, ship collision and general average) and insurance law (with a focus on marine cargo, general liability and heavy lifting insurances). She handles disputes and claims and advises on contracts assisting logistics service providers, traders, exporters, importers and parties in the insurance sector. Carlijn also regularly sits as arbitrator, inter alia for UNUM.

“Excellent”, “thinks outside the legal framework”, “practical approach and great communication skills.”

– Chambers and Partners

Carlijn started working as a lawyer in 2003 with Boekel De Nerée and co-founded Cox Ten Bruggencate in 2010. She obtained a cum laude degree of the Grotius course on Transport law and is a regular speaker at conferences on transport law. Carlijn used to teach Private International Law at the University of Amsterdam and was an assessor of the courses Transport Law and Marine Insurance at NIBE-SVV.

Carlijn is recommended by international lawyers guides (see Reviews).

Carlijn is a member of the Dutch Association for Transport Law and of Marine Insurance Associates Nederland. She is also a member of the Transport Committee of the Dutch Arbitration Association, and of the committee for revision of the UNUM Arbitration Rules. Carlijn is registered for the practice area Civil Procedural Law in the register of legal practice areas of the Dutch Bar Association.

Publications and Lectures

The European Court paves the way for Dutch carrier liability insurers (in Dutch)

Assurantie Magazine Transport, February 2014

The consequences of illegal immigrants into the UK

ABC seminar, 6 March 2018

Platform liability

SvA Congres Horizontale Samenwerking, 13 March 2018

Liability carrier for damage due to loading and stowing

Dekra Seminar Special Transport, 30 March 2017

The marine cargo policy in times of war and political unrest

VNAB 'lunch & learn' session, 26 April 2016

The attorney in coinsurance matters

VNAB Introduction Coinsurance Transport April 2021, April 2022

Illegal immigrants into the UK - claims for damages against carriers (in Dutch)

Weg en Wagen, May 2018

Illegal immigrants into the UK - fines for carriers (in Dutch)

Weg en Wagen, December 2017

Challenges when contracting for carriage by sea

EVO seminar, 20 March 2015

Ro-ro ferry transport as part of road transport

Dekra seminar, 26 March 2015

Negative declaratory proceedings are back! (in Dutch)

Beursbengel, March 2014

Overloading and stowage

sVa seminar 'Certain in Transport', 27 March 2014

General Average

Dekra seminar, 27 March 2013

Limitation of liability of stevedoring companies (in Dutch)

Beursbengel, January-February 2012

Successive carriage and online freight platforms

sVa seminar Synchromodal transport, 29 March 2012

Coverage for delay under Marine Cargo Policies

MIA presentation, 2 July 2012

Road carriers' liability for contamination

Dekra Seminar Contamination damage, 24 March 2011

A modern interpretation of the successive carriage chapter of the CMR (in Dutch)

Beursbengel, November 2010

New Private International Law on carriage by sea in Book 10 of the Dutch Civil Code (Art. 10:160 - 10:165 DCC) (in Dutch)

WPNR 6852, 2010

Time bars in transport and insurance law

Euroforum seminar, 23 September 2010

Successive carriage in the CMR convention (in Dutch)

Euroforum seminar, 5 October 2009

Liability of a carrier for damage outside the means of carriage

Euroforum seminar, 3 February 2009

On translations of writs of summons in the CMR practice (in Dutch)

TVR, 4 August 2006

Conclusion and execution of CMR transport agreements (in Dutch)

Chapter in 'CMR: Internationaal vervoer van goederen over de weg', M.L. Hendrikse en Ph.H.J.G. van Huizen (red.), Zutphen, 2005

Several in house seminars

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